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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

m24 or AWP

Personally i think that AWP is still better than AWP although AWP has a higher ratio of one-shot kills, maybe its because I think that I can work better with the normal crosshair instead of the weird one that AWP has.

this is fucked up but.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cAR WallPapers

Although this is not related to games but however i have been admiring these pictures so,

Flamethrower for COD

Sry guys, I have not been posting for a while.
I have been trying to win matches in COD Black Ops using just a flamethrower attachement in M16 and not using any bullets at all.
It is quite good for killing many people while taking cover but not very good when in something like a dogfight. It is only good when killing people from behind and like backstabbing them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MapleStory July Wallpaper

Halo new game

I have just found out from my friend that Halo is Coming out with a new game, called " Halo Combat evolved Anniversary ". It is the fourth Halo but I am not too sure about whether it is on XBOX360 or on PC but I think that it will probably be on both.

New update for maple, The lion King Von Leon

Please kindly refer to Official MapleSEA Lion King Von Leon Content Information for the following information.

Von Leon & Lion King Castle
• About Lion’s King Castle
• About Von Leon Expedition
• About Von Leon Equipments
• Ani Raid! (Level 70 and above)

Cygnus Knight & Ultimate Explorer
• The Awakening of Cygnus Knights
• A New Alliance
• About Ultimate Explorer

Floating Island – Chryse
• Discovering The Mysterious Floating Island – Chryse
• About Saving Chryse
• The Final Boss

Guild System Revamp
• Requirement of Guild Creation Revised!
• Guild System Interface Revamp!
• New Guild Points (GP) System!
• New and Better Guild Benefits!